Operation Sømærkning

Join the campain and help people bring your lost gear (or you) to the right place

I have got at bunch of adhesive tags to place on surfboards, canoes, kayaks, paddles etc. – Items that could be lost at sea – Or help others recognize you if you need help.

Every year equipment wash ashore coursing unnecessary worries and in some cases, even triggers SAR operations. To be able to locate the owner of the gear elimintates worries, brings the gear back to the happy owner and in the rare case of emergencies, it helps the rescue personnel to recognize the person and/or enables them to contact relatives, friends etc.

The campaign is a collaboration between the Tryg Foundation and the Admiral Danish Fleet.

The tags are free for everybody and they can be ordered at the Tryg Foundation page

I offer to fill out and mount the tag for free if your equipment is at my workshop.

If it is a new board, I can place the tag under the last coating or directly at the core to ensure a long lasting result (The tags are very tough though).

I just need your name, phone number and a additional phone number to fill out the tag.

The tag: