Twintip boards

Loose inserts – Loose plugs – Rail damages – Bottom or stone contacts

Have I killed my board?

No – Generally not – If your board is broken in 2 or more maybe – It can be almost impossible to regain the original flex and feeling if the board core and laminate are badly damaged.
However, most damages can be repaired without compromizing the board strenght and flex.

Rail grinds, surface punctures, delaminating, scratches, damaged plugs and fin holes can easily destroy a good board if they are allowed to develop. When water enters the core, it will slowly desintegrate the board – And then nothing can be done.

If your board is damaged – Bring it to my workshop and get a qualified point of view and a repair offer.

Kite Surfboards

Crushed fin boxes – Loose fin boxes – Pinholes – Crushed rails – Soft spots – Wet core material

Most repairs are possible – Often only depending on the cost of a new board of same brand/type.
Modern kite-able surfboards are very strong – If they are damaged and repaired immediately, they will not suffer at all.

Directionals – Raceboards – Foilboards – Foils

Both the foil itself and the board carrying it can suffer damage from bottom, stones, beach and transportation. The boards can be repaired just the same way as any other surfboard.
The foils are a bit more complicated but they are also more expensive, making repairs even more affordable.